Today’s #kanji is 伝, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. 伝 used to be written as 傳, so 専 is its phonetic element, although 伝 and 専 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: to convey, to spread, etc.
Reading: デン、つた

伝記(デンキ): a biography, a life story
伝言(デンゴン): a (verbal) message, word
伝染(デンセン)する: (for a disease) to infect, to spread; (for a person) to be infected with (a disease), to catch
伝統(デントウ): a tradition, a convention
遺伝(イデン): heredity, (hereditary) transmission, (genetic) inheritance
宣伝(センデン)する: to publicise, to advertise, to boost
秘伝(ヒデン): the handing down of secret skill to a chosen person, inherited secrets

伝(つた)う: to go along, to walk along

すりを伝う: to walk holding onto the handrail
なみだほおを伝う: Tears run down one’s cheek

伝(つた)える: vt. to tell, to inform; to deliver, to issue; to introduce; to teach, to hand down

命令めいれいを伝える; to pass on an order
振動しんどうを伝える: to transmit vibrations
キリストきょうを伝える: to introduce Christianity
技術ぎじゅつを伝える: to teach a skill

伝(つた)わる: vi. to become known, to be learned; to reach, to travel; to be introduced; to be handed down

命令めいれいが伝わる; for an order to be given
振動しんどうが伝わる: for vibrations tp be transmitted
キリストきょうが伝わる: for Christianity to be introduced
技術ぎじゅつが伝わる: for a skill to be taught

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