Today’s #kanji is #位, which is listed under the radical of #にんべん(亻). It is a compound ideograph made of 人 (a person) and 立 (to stand). The original meaning is a person staying standing in the imperial court, from which 位 started to have the meaning of the position or class of a person in a group.

Meaning: an official rank, position, class, order
Reading: イ、くらい

位置(チ): n. a position, a place
上位(ジョウ): n. a higher rank, precedence
各位(カク): n. all concerned

関係者かんけいしゃ各位かくい: To whom it may concern

学位(ガク): n. an academic degree
首位(シュ): n. the first place, the leading position (≒ 一位(イチ))
単位(タン): n. a unit, a denomination, 【education】 a credit
方位(ホウ): n. a point of the compass, a direction,
品位(ヒン): n. dignity, grace, nobility; a grade, quality

位(くらい)が上(あ)がる: to rise in rank
千(せん)の位(くらい): the thousands digit (the fourth figure to the left of the decimal point)

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