Meaning: to dwell

Reading: ジュウ、す

住所(ジュウショ): an address
住居(ジュウキョ): a house, a dwelling, a residence
住宅(ジュウタク): a house, a dwelling, living quarters, housing
永住(エイジュウ): permanent residence
移住(イジュウ): migration
居住(キョジュウ)する: to live, to reside, to dwell
衣食住(イショクジュウ): food, clothing, and shelter; a living, a livelihood


住む(む): to live, to dwell, to reside
住まい(まい): a dwelling (house), a (family) home


<difficult reading>

住処(すみか): a dwelling (house), a (family) home

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