Today’s second #kanji is #作. This one also has にんべん(イ, people).

The right side 乍 is in Japanese often read as なが(ら), meaning “while…” but apparently it can mean “to make” something new.

Meaning: to create, to cultivate

Reading: サク(サッ)、サ、つく(づく)

作物(サクブツ): a literary work, an artistic production
作物(サクモツ): crops, farm products
作文(サクブン): a composition, writing
作家(サッカ): an author, a writer, a novelist
大作(タイサク): a monumental work, a major work
 in case of a boy’s name, it can be pronounced as ダイサク


作動(ドウ): functioning, working, operation
作用(ヨウ): an action, a function, an effect
動作(ドウ): an action, a movement, behaviour, operation
操作(ソウ): operation,  management, handling


作る(つくる): to assemble, to manufacture, to build, to make
作り話(つくりばなし): a fiction, a made-up story
物作り(ものづくり): craftsmanship, making, manufacturing


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