Today’s #kanji is 候 is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻). Its phonetic element is 矦, which I have never seen used in the Japanese language.


Meaning: to visit, to peep into something, a sign, etc.
Reading: コウ、そうろう

候補(コウホ): candidacy, a candidate, a contender
気候(キコウ): climate
時候(ジコウ): the season, the time of (the) year
測候(ソッコウ): a meteorological observation
兆候(チョウコウ): a sign, an indication, an omen
天候(テンコウ): the weather

居候(いそうろう): the state of living in somebody’s house without paying, a person who lives in another person’s house without paying

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  • にんべん

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