Today’s #kanji is #偉, which is made of its semantic element of #にんべん(亻)and phonetic element of 韋. 

Meaning: greatness
Reading: イ、えら

偉業(ギョウ):[noun] a great work, a great achievement
偉才(サイ): [noun] a remarkable talent; a gifted person
偉人(ジン): [noun] a great figure, a great man/woman
偉大(ダイ): [なadj] great, mighty, grand
偉力(リョク): [noun] great power, mighty force

偉(えら)い: [いadj] great, grand, eminent, noted, extraordinary
偉(えら)そう: [なadj] important-looking, snobbish
偉(えら)ぶる: [vi] to put on airs, to be self-important

  • にんべん

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