Today’s #kanji is 側, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is 則.

Meaning: side, nearby
Reading: ソク(ソッ)、がわ、そば、はた

側近(ソッキン): an aide, one’s personal staff, a brains trust
側室(ソクシツ): a concubine
側面(ソクメン): the side, the flank, a side face
体側(タイソク): the side of a body

裏側(うらがわ): the back, the other/wrong side

  1. the (external) corridor with a boarded floor, and usually with sliding glass doors, running along the outer side of a traditional Japanese house;
  2. the (tasty) flesh from around the base of the dorsal and ventral fins of a flounder or flatfish

外側(そとがわ): the outside, the outer side, the exterior
反対側(ハンタイがわ): the other side, the opposite side, the opposition
右側(みぎがわ): the right, the right side
両側(リョウがわ): either side, both sides

Customary Reading
側(そば/はた): a side, nearby

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