Today’s #kanji is 偶, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is 禺.


Meaning: a doll, chance, even
Reading: グウ

偶数(グウスウ): an even number
偶然(グウゼン): a coincidence, chance, accident
偶像(グウゾウ): a statue, an image, an idol, an icon
偶発(グウハツ)する: to happen to occur, to occur by chance
奇偶(キグウ): parity
石偶(セキグウ): a stone figure, a stone doll
対偶(タイグウ): contra-position; a pair
土偶(ドグウ): a clay figure, a clay doll
Customary readings
木偶(デク): a wooden figure, a puppet, a dummy
時偶(ときたま): once in a (long) while, at odd times, on rare occasions

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