Today’s #kanji is #優, which is made of its semantic element of #にんべん(亻) and phonetic element of 憂. 憂 has the meaning of “to worry” so I thought 優 is indicating a person (亻) with 憂 are the only one who can be 優, but apparently it has nothing to do with worrying. 憂 here means a mask so 優 is a person with a mask – an actor!

Meaning: superior
Reading: ユウ、やさ、すぐ

優位(ユウイ): [noun] predominance, a dominant position, a position of advantage
優雅(ユウガ): [なadj] elegant, graceful, refined
優秀(ユウシュウ): [なadj] superior, excellent, leading
優勝(ユウショウ)する: [vi] to win the championship, to come off victorious
優先(ユウセン): [noun] preference, priority
女優(ジョユウ): [noun] an actress
男優(ダンユウ): [noun] a male actor
俳優(ハイユウ): [noun] an actor (gender neutral)

優(やさ)しい: [いadj] gentle, tender, graceful, delicate, affectionate, sweet

優(すぐ)れる: [vi] to surpass, to exceed

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