Today’s first #kanji is #公. It’s made of #はちがしら(八) and ム. You can remember it as ハム written vertically!

Meaning: public, official

Reading: コウ、ク*、おおやけ、きみ*

公園(コウエン): a park, a public garden
公立(コウリツ): public, prefectural, municipal
公開(コウカイ)する: to open to the public, to unveil, to release
公平(コウヘイ)(な): fair, just, impartial, unbiased
公文書(コウブンショ): an official document, a state document
公共(コキョウ)(の): public, community, communal, common
公達(コウタツ): an official announcement, notification by the authorities.
奉公(ホウコウ): service, apprenticeship, a public duty
主人公(シュジンコウ): the hero/heroin

公(おおやけ)(の): public

<difficult reading>
公家(ゲ): a court noble

公達(キンダチ): a young court noble

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