Today’s #kanji is #共 which is listed under the radical of #はち (八) and is a compound ideograph between 廿 (20) and 八. 八 here apparently represents both hands, so altogether, 共 means many people are working together.

Meaning: together, to share, etc
Reading: キョウ、とも(ども)

共感(キョウカン)する: [vi] to empathize, to sympathize
共産(キョウサン)主義(シュギ): [noun] communism
共存(キョウゾン)する: [vi] to coexist, to exist together to live side by side
共通(キョウツウ): [noun] commonness, community
共同(キョウドウ): [noun] cooperation, collaboration, union, unison, unity
共有(キョウユウ)する: [vt] to own … jointly, to hold … in common, to share
共和国(キョウワコク): [noun] a republic
公共(コウキョウ): the public, the society, the community

共(とも)に: [adv] together
私(わたし)共(ども): [pronoun] we, us

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