Today’s #kanji is 具, which is listed under the radical of #はち(八). 具 is a compound ideograph made of 目, which is a simplified form of 貝 (sea shell which is used as money), and a symbol that represents both hands.

Meaning: to equip/to be equipped, a tool, a main ingredient
Reading: グ、そな*

具(グ): a tool, a means; a main ingredient, a solid piece (of food in a stew/soup, etc.)
具合(アイ): a condition, a situation, a state; convenience, decency, social acceptability; a manner, a style
具現(ゲン): (an) incarnation, (an) embodiment
具象(ショウ): concreteness, an embodiment
具体的(タイテキ)な: concrete, definite, specific
雨具(あま): rain gear, rainwear
家具(カ): furniture, home furnishings
器具(キ): a utensil, an implement, an appliance, an apparatus, a tool
道具(ドウ): an implement, an appliance, an instrument, a tool; a means

customary reading

具(そな)える: to be endowed with (talent)

  • はちがしら

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