Today’s #kanji is 内, which is listed under the radical of #にんべん(亻) in my dictionary, 大修館 新漢和辞典 改訂第二版. However, 内 is apparently a compound ideograph made of 入 (to enter) and 冂 (enclosure).

Meaning: inside
Reading: ナイ、ダイ、うち

内外(ナイガイ/うちそと): the interior and exterior, the inside and (the) outside, inner and outer worlds
内閣(ナイカク): Cabinet
内緒(ナイショ): secrecy, privacy; a secret, a private matter
内密(ナイミツ): =内緒
案内(アンナイ): guidance, directions, instructions; anouncement; (an) invitation

内裏(ダイリ): the Imperial Palace
境内(ケイダイ): (the) grounds (of a temple/shrine), a compound, a close

内(うち): 1. the inside, the interior; 2. one’s (true) feelings; 3. we (my/our organization); 4. inside of the range mentioned

観客かんきゃくの内の一人ひとり: someone in the audience
一週間いっしゅうかんの内に: within a week
いまの内に: right away, while one has the opportunity

内側(うちがわ): the inside, the interior, the inner part
身内(みうち): relations, relatives; members of the same organisation

  • にんべん
  • まきがまえ

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