Today’s #kanji is #初, which is a compound ideograph between 刀 and 衣(the left hand side 衤 is called ころもへん). 刀 is a sword and 衣 is a garment. The meaning of 初 derives from the fact that the first step of making a garment is to cut cloth (with a sword).

Meaning: first, beginning
Reading: ショ、はじ、はつ、うい、そ(ぞ)

初回(ショカイ): [noun] the first time
初心(ショシン): [noun] one’s original intention
当初(トウショ): [noun] the beginning, the start, the first, initial

初(はじ)めて: [adv] for the first time

初(はつ)春(はる): [noun] early spring, the New Year
cf. 初春(ショシュン): [noun] early spring; the beginning of spring (but no meaning of “the New Year”)
初(はつ)孫(まご): [noun] one’s first grandchild (can be pronounced as ういまご also)

初(うい)産(ザン): [noun] one’s first childbirth (can be pronounced as はつザン also)
初(うい)陣(ジン): [noun] one’s first campaign, a maiden battle, a baptism of fire

見(み)初(そ)める: [vt] (for a boy) to fall in love (with a girl) at first sight, to be captivated (by a girl) at first glance. Sometimes it’s written 見染める with the same reading.
書(か)き初(ぞ)め: [noun] the first calligraphy of the year, the New Year’s calligraphy exercise

  • かたな
  • ころもへん

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