This week’s #kanji is #判, which is made of its semantic element #りっとう(刂) and its phonetic element of 半. 刂 is a sword, so its original meaning was to cut things apart.

Meaning: to judge, to tell apart, etc.
Reading: ハン(パン、バン)

判決(ハンケツ): a (judicial) decision, a ruling
判子(ハンこ): a stamp, a (personal) seal
判定(ハンテイ): (a) judgment, (a) decision, a finding
判断(ハンダン): (a) judgment, (a) decision, discretion
判別(ハンベツ): distinguishing, telling the difference
大判(おおバン): a large size; a large oval Japanese gold coin
裁判(サイバン): a trial, a hearing, judgment, a court
審判(シンパン): refereeing, umpiring; a referee
批判(ヒハン): (a) criticism, finding fault
評判(ヒョウバン): talk, rumor; reputation

  • りっとう

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