Today’s first #kanji is #勉. It’s made of 免(メン)and 力(ちから/power).
免 usually means “to escape”, “to permit”, etc. but it also has a meaning of “delivering a baby” which might be the base of this character, 勉.

Meaning: to strive, to make an effort

Reading: ベン、つと*

勉強(ベンキョウ): study, learning
勉学(ベンガク): study, pursuit of knowledge
勉励(ベンレイ): diligence, exertion
勤勉(キンベン): diligence, industriousness, hard work

ガリ勉(ベン): studying hard, grinding, cramming

<difficult reading>

勉める(つとめる): to strive, to make an effort do do…

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