Today’s #kanji is #勤. It is a simplified version of 勤. 勤 is made of its semantic element of #ちから(力) and phonetic element of 菫. 菫 apparently has a meaning of “tightening.” So what does 勤 mean?

Meaning: to work (for…)
Reading: キン、ゴン、つと

謹慎(キンシン)処分(ショブン): [noun] suspension (from school)
勤勉(キンベン): [なadj] diligent, industrious, hard-working
勤務(キンム): [noun] service, duty, job, work
勤労(キンロウ): [noun] labouring, working, service
皆勤(カイキン): [noun] perfect attendance, non-absence
外勤(ガイキン): [noun] working outside the office, outside duty
内勤(ナイキン): [noun] office work, desk work
夜勤(ヤキン): [noun] night duty, a night shift

勤行(ゴンギョウ): [noun] [Buddhism] a religious service

勤(つと)まる: [vi] to be fit for (a job), to be equal to (a task)
勤(つと)める: [vt] to serve (in an office), to hold (a post)

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