Today’s first #kanji is #十, which makes its own radical. Many of my students write the vertical line first like the letter “t” but the horizontal one should be first.

Meaning: 10 (ten), many, all

Reading: ジュウ(ジュッ)、とお(not とう)、と

十(ジュウ、とお): 10 (ten)
十分(ジュウブン): enough, sufficient
十八番(ジュウハチバン): the eighteenth, No. 18
十時十分(ジュウジュップン): 10 minutes past 10 (time)

十月十日(ジュウガツとおか): October the tenth

十人十色(ジュウニンいろ): Everyone is different. | There is no accounting for tastes.

<Difficult Reading>
十六夜(いさよい、いざよい、ジュウロクヤ): the sixteenth night (of the lunar month); the night after the full moon.
十八番(おはこ): a person’s favourite trick, one’s specialty


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