Today’s #kanji is #危, which is a compound ideograph between 厃 (a person on a cliff) and the variant of #ふしづくり(卩, a person kneeling down).

Meaning: danger
Reading: キ、あぶ、あや

危害(ガイ): (n) an injury, harm
危機(キ): (n) a crisis, a critical moment
危急(キュウ): (n) an emergency, a critical juncture
危険(ケン): (n) (a) danger; (na-adj) dangerous, risky, hazardous
危惧(グ): (n) fear, apprehension
危篤(トク): (n) (a) critical condition

危(あぶ)ない: (i-adj) dangerous, risky, hazardous
危(あぶ)な気(げ): (n) a clumsy manner
危(あぶ)な気(げ)ない: safe, secure, steady
危(あぶ)なっかしい: (i-adj): (looking) dangerous, precarious


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