Today’s #kanji is 原, which is listed its phonetic element of #がんだれ(厂). 原 used to be written as 厡 and 泉 (spring) is its semantic element. 原 is the original form of 源.

Meaning: origin, field
Reading: ゲン、はら

原因(ゲンイン): a cause, an factor, a motive
原作(ゲンサク): the original work
原則(ゲンソク): a (governing) principle, a fundamental rule
原本(ゲンポン): the original copy, the script
原理(ゲンリ): a principle, a theory, a fundamental truth
高原(コウゲン): a high plain, plateau, a highland
病原(ビョウゲン): the cause of a disease, a pathogen

原(はら)っぱ: an open field, an empty lot
野原(のはら): a field, the plains, a prairie

composite reading
川原/河原(かわら):a dry riverbed, a river beach

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