Today’s #kanji is 吹, which is listed under the radical of #くちへん(口). 吹 is a compound ideograph made of 口 (mouth) and 欠 (yawning).

Meaning: to blow
Reading: スイ、ふ(ぶ)

吹奏(スイソウ)楽団(ガクダン): a brass band, a military band
鼓吹(コスイ)する: to rouse (a person’s courage), to inspire, to promote (a belief)

吹(ふ)き上(あ)げる: to blow upwards, to blow (something) into the air
吹(ふ)く: to blow, to breath (out), to play (a wind instrument), to smelt, etc.
吹(ふ)き替(か)え: (voice) dubbing, a substitute actor, a dummy
吹(ふ)き出(で)物(もの): a rash, a skin eruption
吹(ふ)っ飛(と)ぶ: to race at high speed, to blow off, to be blown off, to disappear
霧(きり)吹(ふ)き: spraying, a spray, a sprayer

Customary Reading
吹雪(ふぶき): a snowstorm, a blizzard
息吹(いぶ)き: breath, a feeling, a sense, an indication, etc.

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