Today’s #kanji is #味, which is made of its semantic element, くちへん(口), and its sound component, 未. Regarding the 未 part, pay attention to the line length as 末 is a different character.


Meaning: flavour
Reading: ミ、あじ

味覚(ミカク): the (sense of) taste, the palate
味読(ミドク)する: to read (a book) with much appreciation, to savour (a book)
味方(かた): a friend, an ally, a supporter, one’s side
意味(イ): meaning
趣味(シュ): a hobby, an interest
甘味(あま): sweetness, a sweet flavour
風味(フウ): (a) flavour, savour, taste, tang
薬味(ヤク): spice(s), condiment(s)

バニラ味(あじ): vanilla flavour
味(あじ)わう: taste, get a taste of…; appreciate; experience

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  • くち
  • くちへん

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