Today’s #kanji is 命, which is listed under its semantic element of #くちへん(口). Its phonetic element is 令 although 命 and 令 don’t have a sound in common.

Meaning: life, command
Reading: メイ、ミョウ、いのち

命中(メイチュウ)する: to hit (the mark), to find its target
命令(メイレイ): an order, a command, an imperative, a mandate
命日(メイニチ): the anniversary of somebody’s death; the day each month when somebody died
運命(ウンメイ): a person’s destiny/fate, the inevitable
使命(シメイ): a mission, an errand, an appointed task; a duty
人命(ジンメイ): human life
生命(セイメイ): life; a person’s career; the life
任命(ニンメイ)する: to appoint, to commission, to designate

寿命(ジュミョウ): (a person’s) life, the (predestined) span of life, life expectancy

命(いのち): life, life force; a person’s whole life; the most important thing a person has

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