Today’s second #kanji is #園. It’s made of #くにがまえ(囗)and 袁. In Japanese 袁 is not usually used alone but it apparently describes a long dress/robe being worn loosely. I guess you can wear a loose long dress in 園.

袁 is made of 土 + 口 + the bottom part of 衣(ころも/garment). Altogether 13 strokes and it’s listed as a Year 2 kanji (I think it’s mean!).

Meaning: a garden

Reading: エン、オン*、その(ぞの)、にわ*

園芸(エンゲイ): gardening, horticulture
学園(ガクエン): an educational institution, a school
公園(コウエン): a park, a public garden
庭園(テイエン): a garden, a park
田園(デンエン): the country, the countryside, the rural districts
動物園(ドウブツエン): a zoo


エデンの園(えでんのその): the Garden of Eden (biblical)
花園(はなぞの): a flower garden


<difficult reading>

祇園(ギオン): Gion (a district of Kyoto)

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