Today’s #kanji is 変, which is listed under the radical of #すいにょう(夊), which is derived of 攴 that means “to hit.” 変 used to be written as 變 and 䜌 is the phonetic element although 変 and 䜌 don’t quite share a sound.

Meaning: to change, a change
Reading: ヘン、か(が)


  • なadj: strange, peculiar, unusual, weird
  • noun: a disturbance, an agitation, a mishap, an emergency

変化(ヘンカ)*する: vi. to change, to transform, to vary
変換(ヘンカン)する: to change, to convert, to divert, to transform
変更(ヘンコウ)*する: vt. to alter, to change, to modify, to shift, to amend
変動(ヘンドウ)する: to change, to undergo a change, to alter, to fluctuate, to vary
急変(キュウヘン): a sudden change; an emergency, an (foreseen) event
大変(タイヘン)な: serious, terrible, awful; disastrous, difficult, trying
変(か)える ≒ 変更*する
変(か)わる ≒ 変化*する
声(こえ)変(が)わり: a boy’s/the change of voice

*for the difference between 変化 and 変更, please visit this page.

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  • すいにょう

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