meaning: summer
reading: カ、ゲ、なつ


夏季(キ): summer, summertime, the season of summer
夏期(キ): summer, summer time, the summer period
晩夏(バン): late summer

夏至(シ): the summer solstice

<season> the 11th day after the summer solstice
<plant name> a Chinese lizard’s tail (Saururus chinensis)

夏(なつ): summer
夏物(なつもの): summer clothing, summer clothes
夏服(なつふく): summer uniform, summer wear
夏ばて(なつばて): summer fatigue,
夏痩せ(なつやせ): loss of weight in summer
常夏(とこなつ): everlasting summer

#夏 is listed under the radical of #ぼくにょう(夊). When 夊 is used at the top of a kanji, it is called ふゆがしら(冬頭). Make sure you write: 一 + 自 + 夊 (the middle bit is 自, NOT 白).
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