Today’s first #kanji is #夕. This looks exactly like the katakana タ, but it’s never pronounced that way.
夕 itself becomes a radical called ゆうべ (or ゆう、た) with the meaning of “night” or “evening.” Apparently 夕 is a pictograph of only half of the moon being visible.

Meaning: evening

Reading: セキ、ゆう
一朝一夕(イッチョウイッセキ): overnight, in a single day

夕食(ゆうショク): an evening meal, dinner
夕ご飯(ゆうゴハン): dinner
夕日(ゆうひ): the evening sun, the setting sun
夕焼け(ゆうやけ): a (beautiful) sunset, the colours of the sunset
夕方(ゆうがた): evening, dusk
夕べ(ゆうべ): an evening
朝夕(あさゆう): morning and evening, dawn and dusk

今夕(コンゆう/コンセキ): this evening, tonight

<difficult reading>

七夕(たなばた): the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Festival of the Weaver Star (Vega) and the Cowherd Star (Altair) on 7 July, the Star Festival

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