#多 is listed under the radical of #ゆうべ(夕/evening). With 2 夕 put together, 多 means something that continues unlimitedly from this evening to the next evening.

Meaning: many, much

Reading: タ、おお


多少(ショウ): somewhat
多分(ブン): probably, likely
多分(ブン)(の/に): much, a large quantity
多忙(ボウ)(な): busy
多様(ヨウ)(な): various, diverse
過多(カ): an excess, a surplus
雑多(ザッ)(な): sundry, miscellaneous
繁多(ハン)(な): complicated, difficult

多(おお)い: many or much
多い is an いadjective but as I wrote on Monday, it is not used in front of a noun in order to say “a large number/amount of xxx”.

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