Today’s second #kanji is #夜. The previous kanji 夕 is the main radical of this kanji.

Personally, I think it’s a person (イ:にんべん) resting under a roof (亠:なべぶた) over night (タ:ゆうべ) with a log (乀). (I don’t know the official name for 乀).

Meaning: night, evening

Reading: ヤ、よる、よ

夜食(ショク): a supper, a late-night meal/snack
夜景(ケイ): a night view, a nocturnal scene
今夜(コン): tonight, this evening
昨夜(サク): last night, yesterday evening
前夜(ゼン): the previous night, the night before, the eve
徹夜(テツ)する: to stay up all night
通夜(ツ): a wake, a vigil

夜(よる): night, nighttime

夜明け(よあけ): dawn, daybreak
夜中(なか): (in) (the middle of) the night


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