Yesterday I talked about 初夢 and today’s #kanji is #夢. It is listed under its semantic element of #ゆうべ(夕)and its phonetic element is … Apparently it is a simplified version of 瞢 which I have never used or seen used in a sentence in my life. I learn something new every day!

Meaning: dream
Reading: ム、ゆめ

夢中(チュウ)になる: to forget oneself, to be beside oeself (with joy), to be carried away, to be (totally) absorbed
夢想(ソウ): (n) a dream, a vision, a fancy, a daydream
悪夢(アク): (n) a nightmare, a bad dream

夢(ゆめ): (n) a dream, a vision, an illusion, a delusion
夢(ゆめ)を見(み)る: to dream a dream
夢(ゆめ)路(ジ): (n) dreamland, the land of Nod
夢(ゆめ)現(うつつ): (n) (somewhere between) the dream and the reality
夢(ゆめ)見(み)る: (vt) to dream (of…), fancy
初(はつ)夢(ゆめ): (n) a person’s first dream in the New Year
正(まさ)夢(ゆめ): (n) a dream which later comes true, a prophetic dream

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