#大 is a pictograph that depict a person with all limbs spread out, from which it means “big.” 大 itself make a radical.


Meaning: big

Reading: ダイ、タイ、おお

大学(ダイガク): a university
大小(ダイショウ)(の): big and small
大好き(ダイすき)(な): favourite
広大(コウダイ): vast

大気(タイキ): atmosphere, air
大切(タイセツ)(な): important
大家(タイカ): a master (of the field)

大(おお)きい: big
大雨(おおあめ): deluge, heavy rainfall
大家(おおや): a landlord

<Compound Reading>

大人(おとな): an adult


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