meaning: sky, heaven

reading: テン、あめ、あま

天(テンあめ): the sky, the air, the heavens
天下(テンカ): the world, the whole land
天才(テンサイ): a genius
天災(テンサイ): a natural disaster, an act of God
天使(テンシ): an angel
天井(テンジョウ): a ceiling
天職(テンショク): one’s vocation, a mission (in life)
天体(テンタイ): a heavenly body, a celestial sphere
天地(テンチ、あめつち): heaven and earth, the universe
雨天中止(ウテンチュウシ): cancellation because of rain, a rainout
晴天(セイテン): fine weather, a clear sky


天下り(あまくだり): the practice of former government officials finding employment in the private sector
天の川(あまのがわ): the Milky Way

There seem to be a few different theories how the character #天 was formed but it is the combination of 一 (No.1) and 大 (big) and I think 天 can be the biggest thing we can see from the earth as it is endless, so that makes sense.
天 is listed under the radical of 大.

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