Today’s first #kanji is 太, which is made of 大 and 丶. I think the original meaning of this character was rather positive but both the adjective and the verb with this kanji now have rather negative sound these days.

Meaning: excessive, extreme, fat

Reading: タイ、タ(ダ)、ふと(ぶと)

太陽(タイヨウ): the Sun
太極拳(タイキョクケン): tai chi (an ancient Chinese martial art and its maneuvers now practiced as a system of exercises)
皇太子(コウタイシ): the Crown Prince
皇太后(コウタイゴウ): an Empress Dowager (the widow of a late emperor)


丸太(まる): a log (wood)
太政大臣(ジョウダイジン): <Japanese History> the Grand Minister; the Prime Minister; the Minister-President


太い(ふとい): いadj. 

1. (something slender like a stick, line, etc. to be) big, thick, bold, pudgy
2. (voice to be) deep
3. (attitude to be) shameless, impudent

太る(ふとる): vi.

1. (for a person or an animal) to put on weight, to get fat
2. (for a person) to become rich, to acquire wealth

For difference between 太い and 太る, read this page.

着太り(きぶとり): looking fatter (than one really is) when wearing certain clothes
水太り(みずぶとり): flabbily fat, flabby


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