Today’s #kanji is #妻, which is listed under the radical of #おんな(女). According to 大修館 新漢和辞典, one theory says it’s made of 女 (a woman)、ほうき(a broom) and 手 (a hand) and the other theory says it’s made of 女 (a woman) and 疌. Either way, can you guess what it means?

Meaning: a wife
Reading: サイ、つま(づま)

妻子(サイシ/つまこ): n. one’s wife and children, one’s family
妻女(サイジョ): n. a wife
妻帯(サイタイ)する: vi. to marry, to be/get married
後妻(ゴサイ): n. a second/another wife
前妻(センサイ/ゼンサイ): n. one’s former wife, one’s ex-wife
夫妻(フサイ): n. husband and wife

妻(つま): n. a wife
妻(サイ): n. my wife
妻問(つまどい)婚(コン): n. a system of marriage in which the husband visits the wife at her home
人妻(ひとづま): n. a married woman, somebody’s wife
稲妻(いなずま): n. (a flash of) lightning – strictly speaking, it is incorrect to write it いなづま.

  • おんな
  • おんなへん

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