Today’s first #kanji is #始, which is made of おんなへん(女) and 台.

台 usually means a stand or a pedestal in modern Japanese, but the kanji itself apparently has the meaning of “beginning.”

Meaning: to start

Reading: シ、はじ

始動(ドウ): starting
始終(ジュウ): from start to finish, from first to last
開始(カイ): a beginning, a start, a commencement, an inauguration
年始(ネン): new year, the beginning of the year

終始(シュウ): from beginning to end, all along, throughout

始まる(はじまる): (for something) to start, to begin (an intransitive verb)
始まり(はじまり): the beginning, the start, the origin
始める(はじめる): to begin (something), to start (a transitive verb)
始め(はじめ): (the) start, (the) beginning

出始め(ではじめ): the first (crop, appearance)

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