Today’s #kanji is #娘, which is listed under its semantic element of #おんなへん(女) and its phonetic element is 良, though 娘 and 良 do not share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: a young woman, a girl, a daughter
Reading: むすめ

娘(むすめ); n. a daughter, a girl
小娘(こむすめ): n. an inexperienced young girl, a young girl
箱入り娘(はこいりむすめ): n. an innocent girl (brought up in the bosom) of a good family; a naive girl who knows nothing of the world
生娘(きむすめ): n. a virgin, an innocent girl
娘心(むすめごころ): n. girlish mind, girlish innocence
娘盛り(むすめざかり): exp. (for a girl to be) in the bloom of youth, in the flower of maidenhood
娘婿(むすめむこ): n. a son-in-law
unlisted reading
娘(こ): a girl, a lass, a chick

  • おんな
  • おんなへん

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