Today’s #kanji is 婚, which is listed under its semantic element of #おんなへん(女). Its phonetic element is 昏, which means “dusk.” Apparently the original meaning was to have a wedding in the evening.


Meaning: to wed
Reading: コン

婚姻(コンイン): (a) marriage, matrimony, wedlock
婚約(コンヤク)する: to make an engagement, to be engaged (to…)
婚礼(コンレイ): a wedding, the nuptial rites
既婚(キコン)(の): married
求婚(キュウコン)する: to propose (marriage), to court
結婚(ケッコン)する: to marry, to get married
再婚(サイコン)する: to marry again
新婚(シンコン)(の): newly wed
未婚(ミコン)(の): unmarried, unwed, single
離婚(リコン)する: to divorce, to be divorced

  • おんな
  • おんなへん

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