Today’s #kanji is #婦, which is a compound ideograph between 女 (a woman) and 帚 (a broom).

Meaning: a wife, a woman
Reading: フ(プ)

婦女(ジョ): n. a woman, women
婦人(ジン): n. a lady, a woman, a female
寡婦(カ): n. a widow, a divorced wife
賢婦(ケン): n. a wise woman
産婦(サン): n. a woman in labour, a woman in childbed
主婦(シュ): n. a housewife
娼婦(ショウ): n. a prostitute, a whore
新婦(シン): a bride
妊婦(ニン): n. a pregnant woman, an expectant mother
夫婦(フウ): n. husband and wife, a (married) couple

  • おんな
  • おんなへん

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