Today’s #kanji is 宅, which is listed under its semantic element of #うかんむり(宀), which shows an association with “a house.” Its phonetic element is 乇, which has the meaning of “to settle.”

Meaning: residence
Reading: タク(タッ)

宅急便(タッキュウビン): (brand name) Takkyubin (door-to-door parcel delivery service)
宅地(タクチ): land for housing, a house plot, residential land
宅配(タクハイ): home delivery, door-to-door delivery
お宅(タク): (honorific) your house, somebody else’s house; you; an obsessive fan, a freak, a nerd
帰宅(キタク): return(ing) home, homecoming
在宅(ザイタク)勤務(キンム): working at home, telecommuting, remote work
自宅(ジタク): one’s (own) house, one’s home; a private residence
社宅(シャタク): a company-owned house, a corporation house
住宅(ジュウタク): a house, a dwelling, a living quarters; housing
邸宅(テイタク): a residence, a house, a mansion

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