Today’s #kanji is 守, which is listed under the radical of #うかんむり(宀), which shows an association with “a house.” 守 is a compound ideograph made of 宀 (this could mean a public office) and 寸 (rules or work).

Meaning: to observe, to protect, etc.
Reading: シュ、ス、まも、もり

守衛(シュエイ): a (security) guard, a doorman, a gatekeeper
守護(シュゴ)する: to protect, to guard, to defend
守備(シュビ): (a) defense, garrisoning, (baseball) fielding
看守(カンシュ): a (prison) guard, a warder
死守(シシュ)する: to defend to the last, to defend desperately
遵守/順守(ジュンシュ)する: to observe, to obey, to adhere to (the law)
保守(ホシュ): conservatism, conservativeness; maintenance

留守(ル): absence, being away from home; neglect

守(まも)る: to protect, to give … protection; to fulfill, to abide by

子(こ)守(もり): nursing, tending a baby; a baby-sitter, a person who looks after a baby

  • うかんむり
  • すん

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