Today’s #kanji is #官, which is a combined ideograph between #うかんむり(宀), representing a house/building, and 㠯, to gather. So what does 官 mean then?

Meaning: a government office, a public servant
Reading: カン(ガン)

官位(カンイ): n. office and rank, an official rank
官営(カンエイ): n. government management, government operation (↔私営(しえい))
官舎(カンシャ): n. an official residence
官公庁(カンコウチョウ): n. government and municipal offices, public agencies
官房(カンボウ): n. a/the secretariat
官僚(カンリョウ): n. a government official, a bureaucrat

上官(ジョウカン): n. a higher officer, a senior official
退官(タイカン)する: vi. to retire from office
長官(チョウカン): n. a director, a president, a commissioner
任官(ニンカン)する: vi. to be appointed (to an office), to be commissioned
宦官(カンガン): n. a eunuch, a castrated official

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