Today’s #kanji is 定, which is listed under its semantic element of #うかんむり(宀), which shows an association with “a house.” Its phonetic element is , though 定 and 正 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to settle, to decide
Reading: テイ、ジョウ、さだ

定員(テイイン): a quota; a regular staff; a fixed capacity
定価(テイカ): a marked price, a recommended retail price
定住(テイジュウ)する: to settle down (in/at…), to reside permanently (at/in…)
安定(アンテイ)する: to be stabilized, to become stable, to settle
一定(イッテイ)の: fixed, definite, certain, established
断定(ダンテイ)する: to affirm, to declare, to assert
否定(ヒテイ)する: to deny, to negate, to say no, to contradict

一定(イチジョウ): veritably, verily, forsooth, to be sure
定規(ジョウギ): a rule, a ruler, a square

定(さだ)かな: sure, certain, positive, accurate
定(さだ)まる: vi. to be decided, to be fixed, to settle, to subside, to become quiet
定(さだ)める: vt. to decide, to determine, to lay down, to bring peace to (a country)

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