Today’s #kanji is 実, a simplified form of 實, which is listed under the radical of #うかんむり(宀). 實 is a compound ideograph made of 宀 (a house) and 貫 (goods).

Meaning: (to) fruit, reality
Reading: ジツ(ジッ)、み、みの

実演(ジツエン): a (public) demonstration, a presentation, a performance
実家(ジッカ): the family in which one was born; one’s parents’ home
実感(ジッカン): a real feeling, a solid sense (of…)
実験(ジッケン): experimentation, laboratory work, an experiment
実際(ジッサイ): (noun) the truth, a fact, reality; (adverb) really, indeed
現実(ゲンジツ): actuality, reality, a fact of life
口実(コウジツ): ab excuse, a pretext, a pretense
真実(シンジツ): truth, reality, fact

木(き)の実(み); the fruit of a tree, a nut, a berry
木(こ)の実(み): a fruit, a nut, a berry

実(みの)りの秋(あき): the harvest season, (the) autumn when the crops ripen
実(みの)る: to ripen, to grow ripe, to show results

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