Today’s first #kanji is #室. Its #うかんむり(宀) suggests it  has something to do with a building. The inside part 至(いたる) can mean “to reach” or “extreme.” I guess 室 can be an end of a house?

The funny thing is 室 is taught to Year 2s in Japan but 至 is not taught until Year 6. Am I the only one who thinks that strange?

Meaning: a room

Reading: シツ、むろ

室(シツ): a room
室内(シツナイ): the interior of a room
教室(キョウシツ): a classroom
空室(クウシツ): a vacant room, a vacancy, a room for rent
私室(シシツ): a private room
令室(レイシツ): your (his) wife (an honorific word for “wife”)
正室(セイシツ): a lawful (legitimate) wife
側室(ソクシツ): a concubine, a mistress of a nobleman
入室(ニュウシツ)する: to enter a room


室(むろ): a greenhouse, a hothouse, a cellar
氷室(ひむろ): an icehouse, an ice room


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