Today’s #kanji is 害, which is listed under the radical of #うかんむり(宀), but it was written differently originally (I cannot bring it up on the computer) and there are multiple theories how this character was formed.

Meaning: harm, calamity
Reading: ガイ

害(ガイ): harm, injury, mischief, damage
害虫(ガイチュウ): a noxious insect, a pest, vermin
加害(カガイ): infliction of injury/harm/damage
公害(コウガイ): (environmental) pollution, contamination
災害(サイガイ): a calamity, a disaster, an accident
殺害(サツガイ): murder, killing, homicide
障害(ショウガイ): an obstacle, an obstruction; (a) disability, trouble
傷害(ショウガイ): (an) injury, bodily harm
侵害(シンガイ): infringement, violation, trespass, invasion, violation (of rights)
損害(ソンガイ): damage, a loss
被害(ヒガイ): damage, harm, suffering, casualties
無害(ムガイ): harmless, innocence

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