Today’s #kanji is 容, which is listed under the radical of #うかんむり(宀), 容 is a compound ideograph made of 宀 (a house) and 谷 (a valley). Both a house and a valley can contain things, thus 容 has the meaning of “a container.”

Meaning: to contain, to accept
Reading: ヨウ。い*
容易(ヨウイ)な: easy, simple, plain
容器(ヨウキ): a receptacle, a container, a vessel
容疑(ヨウギ): suspicion, a charge
容姿(ヨウシ): the face and figure, one’s appearance, one’s style
許容(キョヨウ)する: to permit, to allow, to approve, to tolerate
形容詞(ケイヨウシ): an adjective
収容(シュウヨウ)する: to accommodate (travellers), to admit (students), to seat (a number of people), to receive (a patient), etc.
内容(ナイヨウ): content(s), (subject) matter, depth
美容(ビヨウ): beauty culture, cosmetics, beautification

Unlisted reading
受(う)け容(い)れる: to accept, to receive, to enroll, to register

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