Today’s #kanji is #寄, which is made of its semantic element of #うかんむり(宀)and phonetic element of 奇. 奇 apparently has the meaning of “to lean” and 宀 shows association with a house, so can you guess what 寄 means then?

Meaning: to rely, to gather, etc.
Reading: キ、よ

寄宿(シュク)する: [vi] to lodge (at a person’s house), to board
寄生(セイ)する: [vi] to be parasitic, to live (parasitically) (upon …)
寄付(フ)する: [vt] to contribute, to donate
寄与(ヨ)する: [vi] to contribute, to render service (to …)

寄(よ)る: [vi] to approach, to draw near; to lean against …; to gather
歩(あゆ)み寄(よ)る: [vi] to compromise, to make mutual concessions; to step up (to …)
言(い)い寄(よ)る: [vi] to make approaches to…, to flirt (with…)
年寄り/年寄(としより): [noun] an old person, an elder
寄(よ)り添(そ)う: [vi] to draw close, to snuggle up (to …)
寄(よ)せ集(あつ)める: [vt] to put together, to collect, to scrape together

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