Meaning: a temple

Reading: ジ、てら(でら)

寺院(イン): a (Buddhist) temple
寺社(シャ): Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines
社寺(シャ): shrines and temples
東寺(トウ): Toji (a temple in Kyoto)
国分寺(コクブン): a provincial temple established by the state, also the name of a city in Tokyo


お寺(おてら): a (Buddhist) temple
寺子屋(てらこや): a ‘temple school’, a private elementary school (in the Edo period)
山寺(やまでら): a temple on a mountain, a mountain temple
尼寺(あまでら): a convent
清水寺(きよみずでら): Kiyomizudera (a temple in Kyoto)


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    […] #等 which is made of its semantic element of #たけかんむり(竹)and phonetic element of 寺 although 等 and 寺 don’t share a sound. What do you think a combination of 竹 and 寺 […]

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