Today’s #kanji is 局, which is listed under the radical of #しかばねかんむり. 局 is a compound ideograph made of 尺 (a measuring rule) and 口 (a mouth). By putting a rule to your mouth, you limit your talking…


meaning: to limit, a portion, a room, etc.
reading: キョク、つぼね*

局(キョク): a bureau, a department

電話局(デンワキョク): a telephone exchange
放送局(ホウソウキョク): a broadcasting station
テレビ局(キョク): a TV station, a TV channel
郵便局(ユウビンキョク): a post office

局外(キョクガイ): an external area, an area outside an office’s responsibility
局地(キョクチ): a locality, a definite place
局番(キョクバン): a telephone exchange number, a dialing code
局部(キョクブ): a (limited) part, a section; the affected part; the private parts
局面(キョクメン): an aspect of an affair, a situation
結局(ケッキョク): after all, finally, ultimately, in the end
政局(セイキョク): a/the political situation, politics, the political world
当局(トウキョク): the authorities
破局(ハキョク): a collapse, a catastrophe, a cataclysm

Customary Reading

局(つぼね): an apartment (for a court lady); a court lady, a lady-in-waiting

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