meaning: a river

reading: セン、かわ(がわ)

川柳(センリュウ): a senryu – a style of Japanese poem similar to haiku but without seasonal word and usually humorous or ironic.
河川(カセン): a river, a watercourse
山川草木(サンセンソウモク): nature,  natural scenery


川(かわ): a river
川床(かどこ)a riverbed, the channel of a river
川床料理(かわどこリョウリ、かわゆかリョウリ): Kyoto cuisine designed to be eaten on a kawadoko – People in Kyoto often call it just “yuka.”
川原(かわら): a dry riverbed, a river beach, often written as 河原 also
川柳(かわやなぎ): Salix gilgiana (a species of tree)
三途の川(サンズのかわ): the River of Three Crossings, the River Styx

小川(おがわ): a stream, a creek
谷川(たにがわ): a mountain stream, a stream running down a valley

#川 is a clear pictograph for a river!
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